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How do I......?

Check out our Guides section for step-by-steps on interacting with dAppling. If none of our guides meet your needs, or you still have questions, send us a dm on Twitter or message us through our Intercom chatbot.

What is.....?

Check out our Key Concepts section for a brief overview of some important concepts. Something missing? Connect with us on Twitter to let us know!

My site deployed successfully, but when I try to access the deployment URL, I get a 504 error.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, including the IPFS node pinning your CID being down or out of service, issues with the IPFS gateway, or a high network latency between the you and the node. This does not mean that your content is lost or inaccessible! One potential solution is to use a different gateway. Select a gateway from this list and append it to your url.

For example, if the url that is timing out is: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/{CID}, with Cloudflare, your new url would be: https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/{CID}/

What does deploying a site through dAppling cost?

Right now, dAppling is entirely free to use. What a great price!

If decentralized deployments are so great, why does dAppling still use centralized infrastructure?

dAppling fully believes in the future and power of decentralized web hosting. However, the current state of web hosting necessitates our use of centralized services. Decentralized infrastructure is constantly growing, and with the development and growth of dAppling, we hope to further that growth. Once web hosting can subsist entirely on a decentralized infrastructure, dAppling will make that switch.

I have a question/issue/feedback.

We love questions/feedback! (not so much issues - although we do love improving our services)

We are here to help! Simply use our Intercom chatbot in the bottom right corner of any screen on dappling.network or dm us on Twitter. Our goal is to bring you an amazing, easy-to-use product so please let us know if you need help, have a suggestion, or would like to chat

I don't see the chatbot and I have a problem!

Some plugins, extensions, and browsers interfere with Intercom and its chatbot. If it doesn't render, try using a private/incognito window, a different browser, or turn off extensions. If it still doesn't load, dm us on Twitter.

Can you guide me through adding my ENS?
Yes! Take a look at the ENS configuration guide for help or reach out.
What is a dappling.eth Subdomain?
The dappling.eth subdomain is an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) name owned by dAppling, allowing the assignment of a unique dappling.eth ENS subdomain for every project deployed through dAppling.
How are dappling.eth Subdomains managed?
When a project is deployed on dAppling, a dappling.eth subdomain is automatically assigned and managed via our system. Subdomains can be edited but only one is available per project.
Can I add a custom ENS name to my project?
Yes, you can add your own ENS name to your project by navigating to the domains tab, adding your ENS name, connecting your wallet, and initiating a transaction to set the content hash of the project's IPNS key to your ENS.
What is the benefit of using IPNS with my ENS name?
Using IPNS allows your ENS name to always point to the correct version of your site without the need for constant updates. It is mutable, unlike production CIDs, and dAppling updates the IPNS key behind the scenes after each new deployment, making it both cost-effective and convenient.
How do I know my ENS name is correctly configured?
After completing the transaction in your wallet to associate your ENS name with your project's IPNS key, the ENS domain card in the dAppling interface will indicate a successful configuration.
How can I visit the site I added to my ENS name?
Once the transaction is completed and your ENS name is configured, you can visit your site at {ENS name}.eth.limo to view your content linked through your ENS name.